Doula care

As a birth doula, I offer continuous physical, emotional, and informational support during labor. My top priority is ensuring my clients achieve the birth experience they desire while creating space for the flexibility giving birth requires. Doula care includes the following:

  • Prenatal visits to discuss expectations and questions, get to know one another, and collaborate on the creation of a birth plan.

  • Email and phone support during pregnancy and on-call support in the weeks surrounding the estimated due date.

  • Labor support:

    • Physical care includes comfort measures, coping support, massage, and positioning along with other techniques.

    • Emotional care includes calming and reassuring the laboring person while offering information and encouragement.

    • Informational support includes answering questions, ensuring consent, and serving as an advocate and facilitator between my client and their care provider. 

  • Postpartum visits to provide household, newborn, breastfeeding, and emotional support. My role postpartum is to ease the transition from pregnant to parent. 


I offer three separate packages with varying levels of care. Please browse through and contact me to set up a complimentary initial visit.