Relationships can be hard. By developing your skills in communication and conflict resolution, I can help you and yours find fulfillment.



Relationship Advising

I offer 45- and 75-minute advising sessions. We'll meet at your home or online and talk about your relationship challenges and goals. Most clients meet with me for 3-5 sessions weekly or bimonthly. A 20-minute free consultation is included for every client.


Single session

The single session is for people who have already developed their relationship skill set, have hit a snag, and just need an outside perspective or mediation. A single session is not appropriate for relationships experiencing an ongoing issue.

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3-5 sessions

Many relationships seeking advisement require some development in communication skills or conflict resolution. By meeting regularly for 3-5 sessions, we'll all work together to get your relationship healthy. 

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6+/ongoing sessions

For relationships going through a transition like getting married, opening up, or recovering from a breach of trust, ongoing sessions will be most helpful. Time and care are essential to build trust and encourage healing.

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How do I know You're the right coach for me?

If you’re looking to resolve a conflict, try something new, or strengthen the quality of your relationship with intention and care—you’ve come to the right place. If you are struggling with miscommunication, sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction, or a transitioning relationship, I can help you.

If you believe that healthy relationships require sincere reflection and effort and you value honesty and humor in that process, then we are a great fit.

I offer relationship advising for couples and individuals who want to be intentional in their relationships. This can mean that you are monogamous, polyamorous, opening up, or practicing relationship anarchy. You may be single, dating, married, have children or not. You or your partner(s) may be queer, straight, ace, trans, nonbinary, or cis. I have worked with people with a wide variety of identities, orientations, and relationship styles. What matters most is your commitment to doing relationships better.


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